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The 2020 Annual ICMRS-ORS Membership Meeting

18 Feb 2020 4:01 PM | Anonymous

The 2020 Annual ICMRS-ORS Membership Meeting was held in Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on February 8, 2020. The meeting started with a buffet dinner at 7:00 PM.

The President of the ICMRS, Dr. Ling Qin, delivered the President’s Report. Dr. Qin started her presentation by introducing the ICMRS leadership structure, the Program Committee (Dr. Peter X Ma), Membership Committee (Dr. Bin Li), Communication Committee (Dr. X. Neil Dong), and the China Development Committee (Dr. Xiaoling Zhang). She then acknowledged other leaders, including Chair of Board of Directors (Dr. Yi-Xian Qin), Immediate Past President (Dr. Tingting Tang), Chair of Education Committee (Dr. Jean Jiang), Treasurer (Dr. Sherry Liu), Chair of Women’s Committee (Dr. Liyun Wang), Co-Chairs of Junior Leadership Development Committee (Co-Chairs, Drs. Liu Yang and X. Lucas Lu), Australia and Asian Development Committee (Dr. Jiake Xu), and Europe Development Committee (Dr. Baozhi Yuan).

Then President Qin focused her presentation on the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. She expressed concerns over the collaboration centers in mainland China and Hong Kong, especially the Orthopedic Hospital of Wuhan Union Hospital. Doctors are overwhelmed with patients and are at great risk of contracting the disease. They are in shortage of medical protective gear for personal protection. Orthopedic doctors are taking care of coronavirus patients at orthopedic hospitals there. Dr. Qin hosted an emergency ICMRS leadership meeting when the news came out, coordinated ICMRS leaders to purchase protective masks and equipment, and managed to ship them to collaboration centers in China. President Ling Qin asked ICMRS members to be united to fight the coronavirus epidemics. If anyone has information about purchasing medical protective gear like N95 respirators and medical surgical masks or want to donate them, please contact ICMRS by email or mail donation to Dr. Xiaoling Zhang, Chair of China Development Committee. 


Then three Webster Jee Young Investigator Awardees were announced. The award recipients were Elizabeth R. Kahle from Drexel University, Shuangfei Ni from The Johns Hopkins University, and Lutian Yao from University of Pennsylvania. Each winner was presented with an award plaque and a cash prize.

The final official program was a Science and Technology Forum. Dr. Xu Cao from The Johns Hopkins University gave a presentation entitled “PTH Biology and Therapeutic Development.” Dr. Cao presented a vivid scientific story of PTH by introducing PTH biology from mammal migration from the sea to the land. He then presented data on PTH’s role in disease, regeneration of a variety of tissues, and its new applications treating various orthopedic diseases. The audience asked many questions and triggered many interesting discussions. The Forum ended at about 9:10 PM. Members socialized afterwards until the official closing of the meeting at 9:30 PM.

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