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ICMRS Mission Statement

The mission of ICMRS is to promote scientific and professional excellence, and enhance communication among scientists of Chinese heritage and other international scholars in the field of musculoskeletal research and related areas. ICMRS aims to advance the global musculoskeletal research agenda through excellence in education, research collaboration, and networking. ICMRS promotes development of basic scientists and clinical researchers to assure continuing efforts for exploring new discoveries and advances for providing quality of musculoskeletal care such as in development regions. In the past 22 years, ICMRS has grown tremendously riding through waves of excitements and challenges, and has matured into a cohesive and strong academic organization. ICMRS promotes collaborations, networking and research exchange and career training among members through sponsorship and organizing various scientific conferences, workshops and scientific events worldwide.

Brief History

The International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Society (ICMRS) was established in 1994 at Sun Valley with only about 25 members and was originally called as the International Chinese Hard Tissue Society (ICHTS). Now, 22 years later, the Society is serving more than 1,900 members worldwide. It has become a matured international scientific society with different levels of memberships including Life Time, Regular and Student Memberships. Many of the current members have seen their career grow along with the Society, and some of them are now leaders in academic institutions, industries and government agencies thanks to the leadership training provided by high level Society members. Through various organized conferences, workshops and symposia, hundreds and thousands of students and junior scientists have been trained. The Society conducts two annual membership meetings at the annual ORS and ASBMR meetings, has organized a total of 8 bi-annual International Conferences in Osteoporosis and Bone Research (ICOBR) (even years), and two bi-annual ICMRS-ASBMR conferences (2013 and 2015). At these meetings, outstanding young scientists in the musculoskeletal research field are identified and are awarded the Web Jee Young Investigator Awards. Thus far, 200 of these awards have been awarded and many of the awardees have gone to become leaders in musculoskeletal research. In the past decade, the quality of scientific research particularly in China has witnessed a rapid boom. Currently, China is the second largest contributor of SCI papers to international scientific journals. To increase the quality of publications in the field of musculoskeletal research, ICMRS conducts SCI paper writing workshops, which are always well received. ICMRS also promotes collaborative efforts between ICMRS member institutions. Establishing the first two ICHTS/ICMRS Collaboration Centers in 2007-2008 was an initiation and testing process much like a scientific incubator. The success of this collaboration is evidenced by the growing numbers of Collaboration Centers in China that stands currently at 21. To meet the growing needs of the Society, two new journals fully affiliated to the Society have been established. These are Bone Research of the Nature Publishing Group, and Journal of Orthopaedic Translation. ICMRS has also established a long-term relationship with many established international scientific societies, i.e., ORS, ASBMR, IFMRS, ICORS and CSOBMR. Such momentum will lead the Society to its excellence!

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