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2018 ICMRS Board Meeting successfully held in Suzhou

01 Nov 2018 9:16 AM | Anonymous

2018 ICMRS Board Meeting, namely 2018 ICMRS Suzhou Expert Forum, was held in Castel Hotel, Suzhou, on October 16th 2018. More than 40 board members from all over the world gathered in Suzhou to attend the Board Meeting. The Meeting was hosted by ICMRS, and organized by The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University.

ICMRS BOD Chair Prof. Yixian Qin presided over the meeting

ICMRS Chair Prof. Tingting Tang addressed the board meeting, detailing the development of ICMRS and its infrastructure, and looking forward to its further development.

Subsequently, experts from home and abroad, including Prof. Ling Qin and Prof. Liyun Wang, discussed the development and recent planning of the ICMRS through video conference.

Photo of Participating Members

ICMRS Board Meeting went on after coffee break. Professor Bin Li briefed and reported on the work of various research centers throughout the country, and highly evaluated the achievements of the research centers.

Next, representatives from newly established research centers in Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dalian reported on their work one by one.

Following the introduction of the newly established research centers, Prof. Yixian Qin proposed the idea of Webster Jee Award Fund and exchanged views with a number of experts on specific operational details and funding sources.

Then, several candidates for the Chair of the Scientific Committee, such as Chen Lin, introduced their work briefly.

Prof. James Wang reported online about the challenges of ICMRS development and the way forward.

Prof. Hong Zhou and Prof. Ling Qin put forward their views.

Prof. Lucus Lu suggested that the development of North American scholars should be strengthened, which was supported by the experts.

Prof. Guozhi Xiao and Prof. Weijia Lv briefed the attending experts on behalf of the Preparatory Committee on the ICMRC agenda for 2019, which will be held in Shenzhen.

At last, Doctor Xiao Wang from the newest established “Institute of Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatments of Soochow University- ICMRS Collaborating Center for Osteoporotic Fractures” introduced the center’s recent achievements on iron metabolism and osteoporosis.

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