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The International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Society Membership Meeting was Held in Shanghai, China

29 May 2018 11:25 AM | Anonymous

During the 2018 Shanghai International Congress on Orthopaedic Advanced Techniques and Clinical Translational Research (OTR), the International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Society (ICMRS) held membership meeting on May 5, 2018. This is the first time that the ICMRS’s Membership Meeting was held in China. More than 100 ICMRS members and invited guests attended the conference. Prof. Peng Shang, Chairman of the ICMRS Membership Committee, chaired the meeting.

 At the beginning of conference, Prof. Tingting Tang, President of the ICMRS, introduced the history, constitution, membership regimen and official journals (Bone Research and Journal of Orthopaedic Translation) of ICMRS. He also summarized the achievements ICMRS achieved in the past, and provided plans for the future. Moreover, Prof. Tang grandly introduced several former presidents of the ICMRS attending the conference, including Prof. Meishu Shi, Prof. Huazhu Ke, Prof. Di Chen, Prof. Yixian Qin, Prof. Ling Qin (Hong Kong), Prof. Xu Cao, Prof. Huicong Wang and President-Elect Prof. Ling Qin (USA).

  During the meeting, Prof. Xu Cao, the founding editor of Bone Research, gave a keynote speech entitled with “Strategies for Preparing High Quality Academic Publications”, which scientifically and vividly described the essence of scientific research and academic paper. Moreover, he gave a detailed answer to the universal question of “how to publish high-impact papers”. His speech raised a lot of resonance and discussion. During the Q&A session, Prof. Jianquan Feng put forward his own views on the contents of Prof. Cao’s report, resulting in additional hot discussions.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Shang Peng delivered the closing speech and invited all the attended members to take a group photo.

Meeting was running with a buffet style.

Round-table Meeting

Prof. Peng Shang chaired the meeting

Prof. Tingting Tang delivered a speech on behalf of ICMRS

A keynote speech from Prof. Xu Cao

Group photo

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