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2015 ICMRS-ORS Membership Meeting

  • 29 Mar 2015
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Las Vegas, NV

About 100 ICMRS members attended the meeting, which included exciting activities such as a presidential speech, a keynote presentation, and the Webster Jee Young Investigator Award ceremony. The keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Regis J. O’Keefe from the Washington University School of Medicine on the topic "Cells and Signals and the Regulation of Tissue Regeneration." The speech was well received as evidenced by the interesting questions and discussion that followed. After the keynote, three WJ Awards were presented to three winning presentations: Liang Chao from the HK Baptist University, Hongchuan Yu from the Brown University, and Hao Xu from the University of Rochester. The award ceremony was followed by a brief report on the current status of the society delivered by the President-Elect, Dr. James Wang. Members were inquisitive about the ICMRS operations in general and specific societal activities. Former presidents Drs. Yi-Xian Qin and Ling Qing (HK) responded by presenting the details of ICMRS sponsored meetings/activities and Dr. Ling Qing (UPenn), the current membership chair, provided more details on the work of her membership committee. The Education committee Chair, Dr. Herb Sun, also gave a brief introduction of his committee's work. The meeting was concluded with brief remarks by the incoming president Dr. James Wang, who invited members to join the 2015 ICMRS-ASBMR Membership Meeting that will be held in Seattle on Oct. 9 and also encouraged members to be actively involved in the societal operations. The success of this meeting was due to the diligent efforts of the program committee, including Drs. Ling Qin (UPenn), Herb Sun, Neil Dong, Minyi Hu, and Bin Li.

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